Canadian Professional Drivers (CPD), A Platform who has Mission to work and support all Canadians drivers all over the country.

Message of Chairman

Jawaid Akhtar Khan

Toronto Ontario Canada


Canadian Professional Drivers (CPD)

I warmly welcome to all drivers on behalf of the Canadian Professional Drivers. As we all knew basic purpose of this business is to discuss the safety measure of transport, risk preferences and explore all new innovative technologies those will help to make transportation more safe, secure, and cost effective.

As every chairperson has his/her responsibility to focus and find best for his organization, as well as for country and every possible best for citizen.

Canada as a young population with an economy, transforming rapidly into a modern nation. Canada young nation need a platform to discuss plan and ideas relative to all fields including transport, where they may translate those plans into reality. I firmly believe that the transport and logistics industry is backbone of any country economic activities like any other industry.

As we all can see today every field of life with a larger investment in science, research and developments which can intercept the growing necessity of modernization in social, health, security, scientific and economic sectors, need to have platforms like conferences, seminars, workshops on other related events which can throw light on different areas. The world conference alerts help you to get detail ideas about these events where you can spell out your knowledge and research outcomes.

Driving is a skill, I must recommend everyone should learn how to drive sensibly. Means we just not to learn how to drive we should learn all rule and tactics of driving I must focus you all must to drive but drive sensibly. The good news here is that if anyone who wants to learn driving Rules or methods so we can give you a right training.

Driving requires responsibility. Our trainers do not just possess all the necessary approvals and certificates, but they also possess the commitment to create excellent drivers.I mentioned at the beginning of this that every Chair has his priorities, do’s and don’ts but those all must be beneficial for everyone get connected with industry.