Who We Are

Canadian Professional Drivers (CPD), A Platform who has Mission to work and support all Canadians drivers all over the country.


To find common ground. As owners, operators, and administrators in the trucking and logistics industry, you need to be on top of current trends, technologies, and legislative accordance. To support each other on issues like price stability, licensing, and control on market entry. To broaden support includes skills development, networking, and education. And we became the Toronto Trucking Association.

Why Membership?

If your membership gave you the opportunity to receive up to date industry education, how significantly would it change the way you do business? Membership with the CPD gives you exclusive access to industry-focused seminars! Now, imagine being part of a community of contacts helping you thrive in your professional development. Networking is vital to every business. With ample opportunities to mingle with other members in all areas of the trucking industry, the benefits to your business are endless!
Need assurance your voice is heard by elected officials? The CPD has dedicated resources and representatives to monitor the activities affecting logistics and trucking at all levels of government. We ensure the concerns of our members are spoken and heard! We provide help and support you need in all aspects affecting your business and livelihood. Stop doing it all on your own and become a member today!